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Water Emergency - Residential - Arizona Water - Liberty

Emergencies & Outages

Providing our customers with safe, reliable service is our top priority. In the event of an emergency, our employees will be working hard to restore services as soon as possible.


Life Sustaining Equipment - Water Only

During an outage, please call 911 if you have life-sustaining equipment in your home that requires water. We also recommend registering with us by providing our regional Customer Care Team with a letter from your physician.

Water and Wastewater Safety

Water is the most important natural resource. It sustains all life as we know it. Yet, treated without respect, it can be dangerous. Safety is critical to all that we do.

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Disaster Preparedness

In the event of an emergency, it is best to be prepared. Put together an emergency kit to address the needs of your family and your pets. Use our checklist at the button below to help get started.

Emergency Preparedness Checklist
I Have A Service Problem

If you experience low water pressure, an outage or a sewer issue, call Liberty directly at the 844-367-2030.

Public Safety Emergencies

An emergency occurs when an issue creates a dangerous situation that requires immediate action, such as a burst water main or a major sewage spill. Liberty is committed to keeping our communities safe. Call 911 immediately if there is an emergency that endangers public safety. If you experience low water pressure, or an outage, call Liberty directly at 844-367-2030


Water Emergency