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Wastewater and reclaimed water - Residential - Arizona Water - Liberty


Wastewater is the used water, liquid waste, or drainage from homes and businesses in a community.

When you take a shower, flush your toilet, or send water down a drain another way, the water, known as wastewater, goes into a system. 

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Reclaimed Water

Reclaimed water is treated, recycled wastewater of a quality suitable for nonpotable applications, such as landscape irrigation, decorative water features, and recharge.

Liberty's reclaimed water is used for groundwater recharge, agriculture, golf courses, irrigation for parks, and some commercial uses like dust control for construction.

Palm Valley Water Reclamation Facility
Palm Valley Water Reclamation Facility

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Sustainable Effluent to Aquifer Project
Sustainable Effluent to Aquifer Project

Liberty designed the Sustainable Effluent to Aquifer Project (SEAP) to sustainably manage water resources within Liberty's water service area by recharging the same aquifer water is withdrawn from.

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 The water on the left is wastewater, what comes into the wastewater treatment plant. The water in the middle, is during the treatment process. The water on the right is reclaimed water and is ready to be used for nonpotable applications. From  the water on the left to the water on the right, the total process has a 24 hour retention time.

The Wastewater Treatment Process

Think Before You Flush

Everything that goes down the drain eventually reaches the wastewater treatment facility. When items that should be thrown away are flushed down the drain instead, they have to be filtered, screened, and often manually removed from the system which costs time and money. Please keep your wastewater system healthy and working efficiently by follow these tips.


These items should NEVER be flushed:

•         Flushable Wipes*

•         Cotton Balls and Swabs

•         Wet Wipes

•         Cleansing Pads

•         Baby Wipes

 •         Tissues

•         Toilet Roll Rubes

•         Medicine

•         Cigarettes

•         Band-Aids

•         Diapers

•         Women’s Sanitary Items

•         Floss

•         Paper Towels


What Not to Flush

In the Kitchen

•  Remove stickers from fruits and vegetables before you wash them

•  Pour fats, oils, and greases in a can and throw them away in the trash

•  Remove and dispose of fruit and vegetable seeds in the trash

•  Throw away coffee grounds and egg shells in the trash

•  Scrape food off dishes into the trash before rinsing in the sink

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Avoid a Clog, Don't Drain the FOG

Wastewater Customer Programs

Grease Trap Inspections
Grease Trap Inspections

A trained technician will come to your facility to inspect your grease interceptor. Contact your local customer service office at 844-367-2030.

Wastewater and Reclaimed Water