1. Water coming into the plant is screened to remove large particles

2. The water is sent through the system which uses naturally occurring bacteria to remove organics, nitrogen, and solids

  • Good bacteria are mixed with the water
  • Oxygen is introduced and the bacteria eat the organic matter in the water
  • After a time, settling occurs and clear water is removed

3. Clear water is sent through a series of filters. It is disinfected with UV light

4. The treated water is distributed to reuse customers and recharge facilities. Solids are dried and sent to the landfill



Wastewater System Maintenance

Liberty Utilities diligently maintains the wastewater systems today to protect the service for current and future generations. Routine maintenance helps ensure the reliability of this system. Here are a couple of vehicles you may see around your neighborhood that are helping maintain the system.

Jet / Vacuum Truck
Jet / Vacuum Truck

A Sewer Combination vehicle that ensures public health by using water pressure and sewer-jetting nozzles to clear any possible blockages. Any debris that is collected from the Sanitary Sewer is vacuumed from the M/H’s and taken to the Landfill.

Closed Circuit TV (CCTV)
Closed Circuit TV (CCTV)

A Pipeline inspection camera that is utilized for identifying any potential failures in the Collection system and also verifies as-builts and plans.