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Local Investments

Liberty is proud to deliver safe, clean, and reliable water to our customers in the Avondale, Glendale, Goodyear, and Litchfield Park communities. Water is one of our most precious resources, and our investments in our water system allow us to continue providing this vital resource today and tomorrow.


Strengthening the Reliability of Our Water System

Liberty invests in the communities we serve to provide safe, reliable services for you and your family. Not only is this imperative for your health, but also for the health of the community. Investments allow us to improve our current system and support future residential and business growth.

Project Spotlight - Sarival Water Reclamation Facility

When operational in 2024, Liberty’s Sarival Water Reclamation Facility (“Sarival WRF”) will be able to treat 4 million gallons per day (MGD), bringing the total wastewater treatment capacity for Liberty – Litchfield Park to 10.55 MGD. This will allow Liberty to better meet the demands and needs of our growing Goodyear and Litchfield Park communities.

The Sarival WRF will also help support Liberty’s sustainability initiatives by producing Class A+ quality effluent, the highest level of reclaimed water, which can replace potable water for activities such as park or landscape irrigation, artificial lakes or other water features, and more.

The reclaimed water treated by the Sarival WRF will also be recharged back into the local groundwater aquifer at our Sustainable Effluent to Aquifer Project (SEAP). This will help replenish groundwater levels and supplement our water supplies, supporting our customers’ potable water needs and helping our communities to be more resilient during times of drought.

As our communities continue to develop and grow, our new water reclamation facility will help Liberty to continue to provide safe, reliable wastewater service to our customers, and uphold our commitment to environmental stewardship.

For updates on the construction progress of the Sarival WRF, click the button below.

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