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Curtailment Stage: Stage 2

Liberty would like to inform you that Stage 2 of the amended Curtailment Plan Tariff has been activated. Under Stage 2, Liberty is requesting customers to voluntarily reduce water use and conserve water. Customers are encouraged to follow the outdoor watering schedule below:

  • Customer Addresses that end in 1,2,4,7,0 - water Monday and Thursday. 
  • Customer Addresses that end in 3,5,6,8,9 water Tuesday and Friday.

Additional tips to reduce water use include: eliminating runoff from outdoor irrigation, using a shut-off hose nozzle when using a hose, refraining from washing driveways or sidewalks, fixing indoor and outdoor leaks, and using water saving devices indoors and outdoors. For more information on the Curtailment Plan Tariff, please see Conservation Tariff on our Water Rates and Tariffs webpage. For customer assistance, please call us at 1-844-367-2030. Thank you for your cooperation.

Stage 2 FAQs

Arizona Drought Status

The Arizona Drought Monitoring Technical Committee and the U.S. Drought Monitor make weekly updates to the drought status in Arizona. There are short-term and long-term drought conditions that are presented. Click below to see the current drought status for Arizona.

Arizona Drought Status

Arizona has been and continues to actively plan for and address drought conditions and impacts. To learn what Arizona is doing on a state level to address drought, please click on the link below.

Addressing Drought

Arizona will be operating under “Tier 1” status on the Colorado River for 2024. The Colorado River system is reaping benefits of this winter’s above-average snowfall, at least for the short term. We still encourage conservation efforts for long-term water supply planning in Arizona. To learn more about how the Colorado River is managed and what Arizona has and is doing, please click on the link below or explore our FAQs.

Colorado River Management

Liberty Colorado River Shortage FAQs

Colorado River Shortage: Tier 1 FAQs

Liberty's Role

Liberty’s drinking water is 100% groundwater and utilizes reclaimed water to recharge and irrigate where possible. In addition to the water efficient tools, resources, and programs Liberty provides, Liberty closely monitors drought conditions, has system-specific drought preparedness plans in place, and follows a water use efficiency plan.

The anticipated Colorado River shortage will not directly impact Liberty customers at this time, but we still encourage customers to use their water efficiently and take advantage of our programs and resources to do so to take care of Arizona's water resources for generations to come.

Liberty's Drought Preparedness Plan