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Arizona Project WET

Water Education for Teachers In Your School

Arizona Project WET works throughout Arizona to bring STEM curriculum into schools for free to teachers and parents. Liberty Utilities is proud to sponsor Arizona Project WET activities throughout our service territories.

Litchfield Water Festival - 4th Grade

These festivals promote awareness of and increased knowledge about water resources. Water festivals are held for children at or near their school, and for community members.

Arizona Project WET Water Festivals are held to educate students about water in fun, interactive environments and offer alternative learning opportunities.

These include structured learning stations and exhibits where students engage in hands-on water activities and investigations. Station topics focus on the water cycle, groundwater, watersheds, and water conservation technology.

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Teacher Academies - All Grades

Academies provide the support for teachers to adopt instructional practices that encourage students to apply their learning in developing ideas, designing solutions, and delivering positive change. Arizona Project WET partners with school districts to plan and deliver targeted professional development and institute support that is needed. Liberty is a proud sponsor of these academies. 

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If you are interested in bringing these programs to your school, contact Arizona Project WET.

Arizona Project WET